Permanent Make-Up sector

Permanent make-up sector participants will have a possibility to attend seminars of worldwide famous masters from Lithuania and other foreign countries with their unique messages and live demonstrations.

On the first day of the congress participants will be able to attend a permanent make-up championship “The art of STROKES & SHADING” and challenge one another. There will be two separate contests (nominations): DEVICE method and MANUAL method. Both nominations will have their individual prize fund.

Visiting specialists-speakers will be carrying out the judging of the championship; 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners will be awarded prizes worth 1000€, 500€ and 200€.

Official organizer (permanent make-up) – Sandra Martis, +37067665565

Hairdressers sector

During the congress special attention will be given to hairdressers and hair stylists. Participants of the congress will have a chance to improve their knowledge in seminars with famous local and foreign artists. In the program you will see performance methods and techniques for men and women haircuts, hear about the latest hair coloring trends and have a look at various hairstyle performance techniques for long women hair. In addition to that, participants will have the possibility to see breathtaking live demonstrations of various hairstyles and haircut collections.

Official organizer (hairdressers) – Jolanta Mačiulienė, +37068729463

Make-up art sector

In both days of congress you will be astounded by make-up artist professionals from Lithuania and special guests from Russia and Belarus! Participants of the congress will have two days full of informative seminars, demonstrations and announcements about the bridal, evening and creative make up techniques, features and latest trends.

Official organizer (make-up art) – Jolanta Mačiulienė, +37068729463

Manicure sector

Nail art sector will be represented by the very experienced professionals of this field. For the both two days of the congress lecturers will conduct various seminars, demonstrations and announcements about nail design creation, artistic miniaturism on nails, art of nail photography and other significant topics about contests and their importance for manicure specialists on their further career.

Official organizer (manicure) – Jolanta Mačiulienė, +37068729463

Eyelash extensions and Eyebrow design sector

In both day of congress, Lithuanian and foreign professionals will share their experience and useful tips in field of eyelash extensions and eyebrow design! Here you will meet professionals from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Taiwan! Participants will hear announcements about eyelash extension features, various eye forms modelling, ombre effect, use of social media in workfield and all kinds of relevant information for eyelash extensions masters. There will also be seminars conducted by famous natural eyebrow design specialists about eyebrow design rules, eyebrow modelling for women and men, eyebrow perm, coloring and coloristics, ombre technique and overview about latest trends of natural eye fashion and other important topics.

Official organizer (eyelash extensions) – Ilona Čypienė, +37066244515

Official organizer (eyebrow design) – Neringa Ankudavičienė, +37064404255